Toothless was named after the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon because of the color of his hair. Not to worry, he does actually have teeth 🙂

He will be available for adoption around 3 months old (approximately July 16th). This date could change (come sooner) depending on how quickly he weans entirely off of milk. He will be available castrated or not castrated.

He was most likely rejected by his mother right when he was born, or soon after, but he didn’t understand that. The poor boy followed his mom (and possible siblings) around for a few days, not being allowed to drink or cuddle, but not thinking anything of it. When it was finally realized that he had been abandoned, he was five days old. When we got him, you could see his ribs even through his dark fur. We were very worried about his health, and scared that he might not make it.

After a couple of days adjusting to our schedule and his new surroundings, Toothless really caught on. All of a sudden, he became our fastest and most eager milk-drinker. We don’t have to worry about him not finishing the proper amount, or not taking the bottle because he officially loves food. Loves it. Needless to say, his weight has bounced back tremendously and the little guy is so happy. He loves to hang out with the older lambs, and run with them and jump in the air with them. Aside from size, he and Knight look identical, especially when they are snuggled next to each other!

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