Our Lambs


We absolutely love our lambs! Each spring, we take in orphaned lambs from a local mear farm. These are the newborns whose mothers died or rejected them. They could be rejected by their mothers for being too small, being sick, or being a triplet/quadruplet. We call our sheep “doubly saved”, because if their mothers hadn’t rejected them, and were able to succesffuly raise them to adulthood, they would have been slaughtered. We are so proud to take in these newborns in desperate need for a home.

The bottlefeeding process itself is time consuming and somewhat difficult. When we get a call about a lamb, we pile an old dog crate into our car, grab as many towels and blankets as we can, and rush to pick him or her up. The lambs are often weak, hungry, missing their moms, and cut up (when they are left alone they are totally incapable of protecting themselves). We get the lambs warmed up, rock them in our arms, feed them colostrum every 2 hours (yes, even in the middle of the night). Colostrum is what helps them produce anitbodies, and is a vital part of day 1 care. After that, they are transitioned on to milk which we feed for about 3 months. Some farmers will wean their bottlefeds in 3-4 weeks, but those lambs are often small and less healthy because of it. We are proud to say that our lambs are full sized and totally attached to their human parents because of the extra care they recieve.

We also deal with vet appointments, lots and lots of vet appointments. The lambs need booster shots and vaccinations, as well as normal care. A lot of them are susceptible to bad colds because it is not warm yet in April, and they still have weak immune systems. We also have had lambs with bad muscles who need steroid shots and selenium supplements, and sometimes our guys even have a tough transition to the heat and experience heat stroke in the summer.  Needless to say, we really, really love our vet.

And as much as it breaks our hearts, the only way for us to keep the farm sustaniable and capable of supporting more animals is to put these lambs up for adoption. We will only consider loving homes where these lambs will be loved as pets, part of a flock, and/or part of 4H or other farm projects. They are NOT avaliable for slaughter or breeding.

We have two lambs, Acorn and Knight, who were sick when we got them, and hold a special place in our hearts. They are NOT avaliable for adoption, and will call Crown Charter Farm a forever home. You can read more about them individually by clicking on their names.

To read about the lambs that ARE avaliable for adoption, click here.

Not able to adopt, but want to help out? Any donations are welcome here