Meet our stunning 6 year old mule! When we first adopted Barnie, we knew that we wanted to get him a friend so that he wouldn’t get lonely. After having a different mule for about a week, we realized he was much too large and pushy for us, and for Barnie. So we asked Tamala, owner of The Barnyard Sanctuary, to help us find a match for Barnie. She goes around to auctions were farm animals are put up for sale, and typically those that are not purchased are sold to the slaughter house. She rescues as many as she can, and that is how she found Rapunzel. Rapunzel has a big personality. She would run up to greet everyone at the auctions, but no one had purchased her. By her size, and ability to make people laugh, Tamala knew she would be a perfect match for us, and for Barnie.

                Rapunzel came to us shaken up a bit from the trailer ride over, and unsure of her new home. We brought her out to a field to run around, and she acted as if she hadn’t have space to roam in weeks (this is quite possibly what did happen before she was rescued). She ran around like crazy, kicking and braying. She rolled up on the ground to roll in the dirt, and she even ran down hills behind us, stopping abruptly when we turned around. Her beautiful golden coat, combined with her freakishly similar personality to the horse from the Disney movie, Rapunzel, and her initial reaction to being outside helped us chose the perfect name, Rapunzel, for our first girl animal on the farm. We had her in our barn under quarantine for three more weeks, separate from our other animals. For a week, everything went well. We continued to bring her to a field to run around and get her energy out. However, in those first three weeks, Rapunzel caught on pretty quickly that there were other animals on the farm. She would bray incessantly to Barnie, and would always try to pull us to the field where he was. Rapunzel doesn’t give up easily, so two minute walks to a field soon turned into twenty minute ones.

When she and Barnie were finally first introduced, Rapunzel was so excited she barely knew what to do with herself, and ran around forever. She is the alpha, and gets what she wants, but Barnie has learned to stick up for himself (especially when it involves food). Rapunzel has recently been working on getting less excited around our goats and sheep (her favorite past time is chasing them around). She recently showed tremendous  improvement because she has gotten a lot closer to the goats, laying down next to their “goat playground”, and even letting the two youngest goats –Luna & Atlas, jump on her back! She is a very social mule, whose excited nature leads people to misunderstand how sweet, safe, and caring she is.

She also loves, loves, loves to roll around in the dirt (as do most donkeys) and will do this 3+ times a day. She makes tons of noise, trots over for food, and makes everyone laugh.

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