Meet the sweetest little lamb ever: Acorn. This cutie-pie came to us extremely sick and dehydrated due to being abandoned by her mother. On her first day with us she slept all day and separated herself completely from the rest of the lambs. She wasn’t acting normal at all. Our vet gave her intravenous Sub-Q to help with the dehydration. Although she is still slowly working her way up to being healthy, she has made tremendous progress.

She will be available for adoption the third week of July unless she is successfully weaned off of milk earlier.

Acorn has made us very proud with her little successes. The first, happiest moment, was when she transitioned to bottle-feeding. For the first day or two we were force-syringe feeding her because she wouldn’t suck on the bottle and her eyes were so sunked in from dehydration that she could barely see. One morning I went out for the 5AM shift, and she just started taking the bottle like it was nothing! The next big thing was her little “tail wag” when she drinks, which started the following day and shows them being happy and content. Then, she started to snuggle up with the other lambs and play with them. She is finally starting to get on to a normal routine and she is earning her health back. We are very happy for her and proud of her. She deserves a happy home where she will be loved, and she would make the perfect addition to any family farm.

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