Luna & Atlas

Meet our youngest goats, twin sister and brother, Luna and Atlas!

One word to describe Luna? Curious. For her first few weeks, Luna seemed like a tiny, calm kid. Then, all of the sudden, her character kicked in and she became more adventurous than even Cranberry! Luna has no fear. She jumps on the backs of Rapunzel and Barnie, she jumps up for food, and she ventures on her own. One day, she was able to use a straw bale to jump up on to a very thin windowsill between the two sheep pens, and then jump down to the other side and run into a totally different field so she could go on an adventure. The goats were meant to be separated from this field because Luna and Atlas were still too young to be around Barnie and Rapunzel. Of course that didn’t stop the goat we were trying to keep out!

One word to describe Atlas? Loyal. He followed her. He didn’t want to, and he has very rarely wanted to go on Luna’s crazily dangerous adventures and try her new stunts, but he does them for three reasons. The first is to protect her, the next is because they’re bonded, and the last is because Luna has fun ideas.

These two have gotten  themselves into pretty sticky situations. Between headbutting adults 5 times bigger than them, to jumping off the very, very top of their “goat playground”, they’ve done it all. Luna likes to climb on not only the donkey and mule’s backs, but also on Daisy’s back. Yes, the goat that is not only not her mother, but in charge of everyone else, lets little Luna climb all over her.

While Luna’s white coat is starting to tan, and Atlas’s ginger color is starting to become white, they are both growing in large horns. Atlas looks just like his father, and Luna looks like her mother. These two are the funniest, prettiest goats you will ever meet.

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