Meet Knight, one of our bottle-fed lambs who has overcome a lot! He is a  Katahdin ram lamb, and he will be available for adoption in the second week of July unless he is successfully weaned off of milk earlier.

Knight was abandoned by his mother for one definite reason: he couldn’t walk. We first got a call about Marshmallow and were told that Knight probably wouldn’t make it. We wanted to take him anyway just so we could try to do whatever was possible to help him. We are so glad that we did. When we first brought him home, we held him in our laps all day, but he desperately wanted to run and play with Pepper and Marshmallow. If we put him down on the ground he would try to stand up and all four legs would simply “splat out”. He would do a swimming motion to get around, but it wasn’t enough. We were worried that something was very wrong with his back leg(s) and that he wouldn’t ever walk properly. When we saw our vet the next day he informed us that there was no fracture or dislocation. Muscle weakness, nerve damage, a lack of selenium… all were possible.

After receiving a shot for selenium, a steroid shot, and taking two yellow pills over the course of a week, our amazing little Knight was up and running with the rest of the sheep. He LOVES being able to use his legs, and he acts as if nothing was ever wrong. He has become extremely accepting of humans because he spent his first week near us, only watching Pepper and Marshmallow (although they all slept in the same pen together). He will loyal follow behind us, always the first one, no matter how hilly/muddy the path is!

Here he is (jumping) when his legs fully started to work: IMG_8074

He will make an amazing companion and pet to anyone. More pictures of him are posted in a slideshow below.

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