Meet our sweet little girl, Heidi! Probably the youngest of our three adult goats, Heidi is on the bottom of the social ladder. Sometimes, she even falls below Cranberry, Luna, and Atlas because they are the children of “higher ranking” goats. She is our most funny adult goat, always playing and hanging out with the kids. She jumps and twists in the air, and likes to play games. Although she is very shy, she is also very sweet to humans. She got her name because of the goats in the classic book Heidi.

We don’t have an actual idea about what happened to her horns, but our vet guesses that it was a horn disbudding “gone wrong”. Disbudding is a very painful experience for animals, and would have been very unfair to Heidi since she lives with other goats that have horns.

Her favorite thing to do is “play house” in a small plastic play house that we picked up from someone’s curb. She loves to jump on the house, climb on the “sink” and windowsills in the house, and sleep in the house at night.

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