Meet our 27 year old Mule, Doc!

We rescued and adopted Doc in a joint mission with The Barnyard Sanctuary in December 2016. The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he’s big. Not only is he as tall as most Thoroughbred horses, but in usual mule style, he is also very muscular. He’s about double the height of Barnie, and much, much stockier.

So what you might not expect, then, is that he is also a love bug. Just the sweetest mule in the world. He does know his size, and that that basically makes him king of the farm, but this giant king also loves nose kisses, chin scratches, being brushed, and resting his heavy head on his visitor’s shoulders. You’re sure to have a buddy on the farm because Doc will greet you at the gate each time you come.

The farm that Doc lived on before here, was basically a dirt patch with a breaking run-in shed and no other animals to keep him company. He is positively loving his BFFs Barnie and Rapunzel, and helping them out with their duty of protecting the goats and sheep.

Sadly, our boy was diagnosed with Arthritis last year. He receives medication inside of an oat treat everyday (he doesn’t really mind that part, as you can probably imagine). This is an expensive part of running our farm. If you are interested in helping us afford Doc’s medication, you can donate here.


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