Meet the goat who truly opened our eyes to the nature of goats! Cranberry was the most energetic, hilarious animal we had ever met, and we are so grateful that we got the chance to see her grow up. Read about the hectic Thanksgiving morning that doubled as Cranberry’s birthday, on her mother, Daisy’s, page!

We spent every waking moment during the remainder of our Thanksgiving break with our baby goat. We held her, took pictures of her, took videos, had guests meet her, and continued to fall in love with her. She would twist and jump in the air, and run so quickly. Her character developed so quickly, and she is always sure to make us laugh. While she is still attached to her mother, her first best friend was Heidi, whom she occasionally will snuggle up with. She then found best friends and playmates in her half siblings, Luna and Atlas.

Cranberry loves humans. Although she has gotten too heavy to hold now, she still loves to jump onto people’s backs, into their laps on chairs, and chew on their clothes. She is adorable and friendly, and looks like both her parents! Below are not only pictures, but also Cranberry’s amazing antics on video!



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