Meet Cinnamon, nicknamed Cinna! Each of us individually thought of the name Cinna, so when we talked about name ideas and realized we were all thinking the same thing, we knew it would be the perfect fit. He will available for adoption the third week of July unless he is successfully weaned earlier.

Cinna was the smallest lamb we had gotten when we picked him up. He only weighed 4 pounds, and was two weeks younger than our first three so he looked significantly smaller! He looked so adorable, and would snuggle up to nap after playing with the “big kids”. Luckily he was a good weight for his height, so he looked very healthy. Even though we have lambs closer in age to him, he runs for food with Pepper, Marshmallow, and Knight when they hear us coming, and he loves to play with them. When he met our donkey, Barnie, all of the other sheep ran away, but Cinna wove himself  fearlessly in and out between Barnie’s legs! He is an absolute sweetheart and will make an amazing addition to any family or farm.

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