Our barn, land, and area can be used for your personal purposes. We have a four stall horse barn (with two larger stalls that were once used for oxen that were lugging building materials on this property). The property includes two water pumps (one in the barn), as well as another area for a hose to be connected to on the house. There is a tack room in the barn, and some storage under the stairs, but hay would most likely need be stored in the shed/garage/sheep pen that is adjacent to the barn. There are six fenced acres and five pastures on the property. New fencing has just been added to replace broken and old posts, and all of the electric in the barn was updated this year. All five fields now have automatic waterers. There is a nature preserve with horse trails on our road as well. An original horse post still stands by the barn! Below are the current options that we offer. If what you are looking for is not available, let us know, and we will see if we will be able to accommodate your plans!

What We Offer:

Self-Care Horse/Cow Boarding


Rent out our stalls for $150 a month, per stall. This would require you to feed, water, check-on, and care for your horses. They would not be our responsibility, but would live in our barn and use our land. Read more about our requirements here. This is a great opportunity for any 4-H member who does not have the land to accommodate their animal(s).

Boarding For Other Animals

Are you a someone with an interest in farming or small animals, but don’t have the land/amenities to care for animals? You might be a 4H member, a start-up, independent farmer, or someone who needs a transition home for their animals during a move/vacation. Whatever the case, we are happy to board your sheep, goats, or donkeys all year round, certain months of the year, or for a short period of time. Prices to be posted soon. Contact us about animals other than sheep, goats, or equines that you would like to board here (such as pigs, birds, cows, etc.) We may be able to accommodate your needs.

Quarantine Facilities

If you have ever purchased an animal from auction, you understand how imperative quarantine is (especially for horses). When our barn is not being used for animal boarding (contact us to find out if it is available when you need it) it will be open to owners who are trying to keep their quarantined animal separate from their other animals. If this is a horse or cow self-care will be required. For other, smaller animals, we will be able to care for your animal. For large animals this will cost $25 per week (about $75-$100 for the whole quarantine period). For smaller animals this will cost $10 per week. These prices do NOT include veterinary care, food purchases/providence, etc. Our cost is simply for the barn and field to separate your animals.

Training Space

Our property includes an area where an old riding ring used to be used (two owners prior to us were professional jumpers who update the barn/property for horses). Updating the ring and using the barn/land could be the perfect fit for a new trainer who is starting up their business but doesn’t have their own amenities/land. Contact us to talk about individualized prices and features depending on your personal situation.