The first question that we always get about Artemis (sometimes before any of our other animals are mentioned) is “what is that on her head?” Yes, it looks weird, but we did not just come up with this – it’s a real thing for people with the same problem as us! Artemis, like any classic goat, is an adventurer. In our first few days with her, we soon discovered that she was simply not satisfied with our grass… you know the saying, the grass is always greener… Artemis wanted our neighbor’s grass and the grass in our front lawn! She would stick her head through the wiring of our fence, and when she was done, she would try to pull her head back out and get her horns caught. This led to incessant bleating, that on multiple occasions led our neighbors to attend to her when we weren’t home. We knew this had to stop, so we researched ways to keep her from getting her head through. Yes, this is the solution. A pink duct tape bow and PVC pipe truly did the trick, as she hasn’t managed to stick her head through any wiring since! Here she is before the pipe went on her horns:


She got her name because of her very, very guttural bleat. She truly sounds like a male goat when she bleats, and so we wanted to chose a name after a masculine character. We threw around ideas, but ultimately Artemis just sounded perfect (and the goddess Artemis conveniently has a wild goat, and is the goddess of new beginnings).

Artemis was also pregnant when she came to us (although only about two days at that point). On Tuesday, January 26th (Cranberry’s 2 month birthday and the 5 month anniversary of first getting our goats!) Artemis gave birth. We were delayed in getting out to feed the animals that night (only by about an hour), but had we not been, we would have gone inside about 20 minutes before she showed her first signs of labor. She was acting perfectly normal, eating with Heidi (we had these two separate from Daisy because she rams into their sides and we didn’t want her to harm the babies), when all of the sudden Artemis went to a corner to lay down. Heidi continued to eat, and then in the next ten minutes, Artemis had her first baby! A tiny little white doe, who stood up to eat almost right away. She then had a little ginger colored buckling, who she hadn’t even realized was born because she was so focused on the her firstborn. We named them Luna and Atlas, to go along with the name Artemis.

Although Artemis is very shy to humans, she is calm around us, and is a perfectly loving mother. She puts up with these two, who climb all over her, drink from her utter like it’s a punching bag, and run in the wrong directions all the time.


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