Meet cute little Angus! He is named after his looks, like a cow, although we did through around “Cowboy” a few times. This little boy is so smart and very charming. He came to us along with another very sick lamb, and we had to focus a lot on her instead. He was an absolute breeze, though, because he caught on to the older lambs’ schedule and started to drink milk right away. He has adjusted to his new settings, new bottles, new grain/hay, and the new milk bar so easily.

He will be available for adoption the second week of July unless he is successfully weaned off of milk earlier.

One thing that makes Angus absolutely adorable (aside from his stunning colors/patterns) is that he has befriended our youngest and sickest lamb (who is doing tremendously better now!) You can read about her here. He snuggles up to her at night and waits for her to get up and follow the rest of their little flock to the field. He will be an amazing addition to any farm or family.

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